More Thyagaraja Aradhanas

Recordings of the Thyagaraja Aradhana organized by Jaya TV recently in Chennai were broadcast today morning. Many top artistes of the carnatic world were there. Some noted young vocalists were not present though. Three top mridangists – Umayalapuram K Sivaraman, Mannargudi Easwaran and Srimushnam Raja Rao led the percussionists. The good part about the program was that the songs were not cut for showing ads. The way Jaya TV has been giving increased importance to music programs in the past few years is commendable. The music festival they conduct during the December Music Season in Chennai and broadcast later on their channel is now very famous.

Moving on to other news from the music world, Shanmukhananda Sangeetha Sabha, a prominent organizer of carnatic music concerts in Delhi will hold its annual Thyagaraja Music & Dance Festival this year from 24th Feb to 5th March. This festival is probably the only one of its kind in Delhi where many renowned carnatic artistes are invited to perform. It is sad that I will not be able to attend the concerts this year.

Read an article on which mentions about plans to demolish Saint Thyagaraja’s house and build a modern memorial there. Please click here to access the article. I somehow do not like this plan at all and agree with the author’s view on this.

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