AT Kearney Session

Came back just now from AT Kearney’s PPT and the informal chat with ATK employees after that. On the whole, it was a very useful session. The PPT was done very professionally and we had a fruitful interaction with two of their employees, one of whom was an ISB alum and the other one, an IIMB grad. Both of them provided important pointers w.r.t case interviews and on what ATK tries to look for in a candidate through his resume and from his interviews.

News from the placement front is that bulk of the placements this year are supposed to happen in the week between the 7th term and the 8th term in Feb. A bidding system is being used to allot slots to the companies during the placement week according to the bids made by students for the companies. A lot of PPTs have happened and many more are scheduled in the next few days. Companies that have come till now for PPTs include McKinsey, BCG, AT Kearney, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, E&Y, Agilent, Motorola, Intel, Mittal Steel, Microsoft, Amazon, Diamond Cluster, British Telecom, MBT, Subex Systems, NIIT, Virtusa, Trilogy, IBM, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Satyam, Cognizant, Inductis, Computer Associates, Patni, Fractal Analysis, ITC Infotech, Infotech Enterprises, Tavant, RPG, J&J, ITC, BP, Hero Honda, Essar Group, TCG, Gati, HT Media, Apollo Hospitals, Convergys, ExlService & Genpact.

4 thoughts on “AT Kearney Session

  1. Congrats Ram. You deserve it truly.

    btw, I didnt find the ATK session interesting at all. esp given the high expectations everyone has from a MC firm.

  2. Thanks Amit. I found the session with the alums interesting. You are right on the expectations part. What I liked in the PPT was that the guys looked very much down to earth and I thought they communicated whatever they wanted to well.

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