Return of a married man

Kamalesh got married in Chennai on Saturday and returned to ISB today. KR & Co had decorated Kamalesh’s apartment here and we all planned to get inside his apartment and surprise him when he arrived with his wife. As soon as news came that Kamalesh had arrived on campus, we switched off all the lights in the apartment and the wait started. After a long wait, the couple finally showed up at the apartment and the gang managed to surprise them. Here are a few photos from Kamalesh’s marriage and the party we had today. These snaps come courtesy the other Raam at ISB.

At the wedding

Exchange students who had gone to attend the wedding

Ramki hiding behing the sofa ready to surprise the couple

A part of the gang hiding in a corner of the apartment

Kamalesh getting ready to cut the cake

Mani singing a movie song

(L to R) Chandu, Ramki, Mani, Girish, Clickie, Bharani. The one sitting in the sofa is Rajani

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