Tennis @ ISB

The tennis court is probably the only place I had not visited on campus. KP (my quaddie) and Aditya play tennis regularly. Though I have been following tennis on TV, I hadn’t got an opportunity to even hold a tennis racquet till about two days ago when Alok (another quaddie of mine) and I decided to try our hands at tennis and accompanied KP to the tennis courts.

KP plays tennis really well for a guy who is unable to even walk fast to the class in the mornings when we are getting late. The way he ran around the court reminded me of Arjuna Ranatunga, former Sri Lankan cricket team captain 🙂

Here are some snaps ……..

Alok gets ready to try out his first serve

Aditya serves

Aditya rushes in after serving

KP in action
Thats me … getting ready to try out my first tennis serveI can’t believe this …. I made a seasoned player like Aditya run for the ball

Gautam getting ready to serve in a (serious) doubles match

Gautam serves

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