Dis-orientation week for “Almost Alums”?

Got a mail today from the admin people here that addressed us as “Almost Alums”. The mail had details of the graduation ceremony. The week before the ceremony has also been termed as dis-orientation week (The first week on campus was termed orientation week). Upon reading this, a few of us (idle minds … what else) started thinking about what might be planned for the dis-orientation week. When we came to ISB from the real world, we had nothing to do except study, work hard and utilize the facilities provided. Drinking water could be got from any tap on campus. Housekeeping guys would come to change linen and clean the room. So many other hassles which one would face in the world outside were suddenly non-existent. “AC” started commenting that the disorientation week probably was to condition us for the real world. Housekeeping guys would probably stop coming, we would have to cook our own food or order food from outside, washing machines will not be operational and we would have to wash clothes on our own with our hands etc etc ..

Dubya is coming to campus tomorrow (in all probability). Security people are all over the place and security checks are being carried out at many points. There was a security briefing held yesterday afternoon by the DIG of police and by our dean. There were many humerous moments during the briefing. The DIG warned against going near US security men/snipers out of curiosity :-). We will have to warn KP (arey .. saadda KP .. apna quaddie .. who else) against doing anything like that and keep him indoors tomorrow 🙂

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