Dubya comes calling

US President George W Bush visited the ISB campus today. There were so many security personnel here that it looked like the whole of Hyderabad police force had been deployed at ISB. Needless to say, it was entertaining to watch/hear the president speak 🙂 I was not among the ones who chose to be in the audience at the atrium where the rendezvous happened. Instead, I watched a significant part of the proceedings on the TV at home.

You can find some coverage of Bush’s visit here at the following links:

President George W Bush Visits the ISB
“I am Honoured to be at the ISB” – President Bush
“ISB is a Centre of Excellence” – President Bush
Pictures & Video Clips of the visit
Has a US Prez ever visited your campus?
Bush favors outsourcing
The world needs India: Bush
President Bush Meets with Young Entrepreneurs at the ISB

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