Bloggers in the next batch

The next batch is scheduled to join ISB on 15th of April and has quite a few bloggers. The following are links to some of the blogs of soon-to-be-ISBians that I know of and visit:

Abhishek Jain
Alok Jain
Anuradha Sunku
Chiranth Chanappa
Deepak Mittal
Disha Rustogi
Kapil Mantri
Karthik Bharathy
Kiran Cavale
Kishore Krishna
Krishnan Ramaswami
Kumar Rajendran
Mahesh Shenoy
Manu Karan
Nikhil Kamma
Piyush Kheria
Priyanka Rath
Rishik Ghosh
Sabyasachi Mohanty
Santosh B S
Shivangi Tiwari
Sowmya Velayudham
Sukalp Sharma
Sumit Poddar
Sundeep Tibrewal
Swapnil Deopurkar
Swapnil Nadkar
Venkat Raman
Vithal Donakonda
Yashovardhan Gupta

Have also added links to these blogs on the left side of the page.

7 thoughts on “Bloggers in the next batch

  1. Thanks a lot for listing so many 07 batch blogs in a single post. Also, thank you for the free promotion of my blog – I have observed quite a few new clicks:-).

  2. Sundeep/Kapil and all other bloggers in the next batch,

    Its great to see so many bloggers before the year at ISB has begun. Some of you must have been blogging for a long time now. All the bloggers of the next batch will be the eyes through which alums, soon to be alums (which is of course yours truly and his batchmates), prospective applicants and others will get to know more about whats happening here at ISB. Hope each one of you continues blogging throughout your academic year and after that too.


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