Insightful CPs – Part 1

I was just sitting in my room today doing nothing, as usual, when memories of being in Section D in the first four terms came flooding in. The first thing that came to mind after that was the CPs that used to happen. Here goes some “insightful” class participation (CP) that happened courtesy our batch ….. more to come in the next few posts on this topic. Since some of these are attributed to other sections or to classes I am not a part of, what is written about such CPs is what was told to me.

“The best form of communication is mouth-to-mouth communication”
“IT may not give you a sustainable competitive advantage … but not having IT can result in unsustainable uncompetitive disadvantage”
“One of my batchmates here in this class once quoted Rudyard Kipling who said that the strength of a wolf is in the pack and the strength of a pack is in the wolf. This means that there is a lot of benefit in collective learning …..”
“The $1 tax cut argument won’t hold because it will violate the principle of fallacy of causality”
Student: The way I see it…I personally feel 25000% inflation is cruel to society.
Prof: We’ll discuss philosophical issues after the class.
“I prefer to buy my diapers from Costco !!!”
Student: Isn’t this sad?
Prof: Yes …. it is tragic.
“The target segments in IBM Thinkpad ad are: (i) Males and Females, (ii) Those who use laptops and those who don’t”
Prof: Human beings are the only ones who drink milk of other animals, that too when they are adults.
Student: What about cats?
Prof: Oh yes domesticated cats, too.
Prof: “So why is Wal-Mart so successful?”
Student: “What we’ve learnt so far from the Dell case and the Intel case is that nothing succeeds like success.”
“Is no culture also a culture ?”
Student: If you read the case you will see that …
Prof: You mean I’ve not read the case???

Author: Ramkumar R

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

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