Insightful CPs – Part 2

Here are some more …….


Student: This industry is not very attractive
Prof: What do you want to say? Is the industry attractive or not attractive?
Student: I am not very sure!
Prof: Again, what do you want to say? Are you sure or not sure?

“Actually, I think ……”

“As we know, man proposes and god disposes. So …. “

There was this student in our section who would always do the following:
Student lifts his hand to ask a question.
Prof: Yes
Student: Actually, I have a question
Prof: Yes
Student: Well, actually I have three questions


Admissions director is sharing interesting stats about the batch during orientation when he sees a bullet point in his slide which says “Student XYZ has been certified ….. as @#@$%$%$*%#$$##$sg#$@#$ (some certification worded in Portugese) in the Portugese language”

He asks who this student is and then asks him/her: “How do you pronounce this?” (He is refering to the @#@$%$%$*%#$$##$sg#$@#$ certification)

Student replies (knowing or not knowing what he is refering to): It is pronounced as “Portugese”

There is laughter all around.

Prof Jagmohan Raju’s style of doing cold calling is unique here as he hits the return key on his laptop and a student’s photo pops up who has to answer the question that will appear next. Once Prof Raju in his cold calls in Term 2 came up with a question that was not directly related to what we had learnt so far and the guy who was supposed to answer it was told to try his best. Even if he couldn’t answer, the whole class could collectively think and try to arrive at the answer.

Prof Raju: All right. So what is the answer?
Student: Am I allowed to use a lifeline?

There is laughter …..
Student: Can I phone a friend?
Prof Raju: Whom would you like to call?
Student: Prof. Scott Ward

The whole class bursts out laughing.

(Prof Scott Ward taught us Marketing in Term 1)

Have to rush to a class now …… more later ……

6 thoughts on “Insightful CPs – Part 2

  1. We definitely want more…this is hilarious…Sounds like a lot of fun…awesome lot you people..

  2. How are you managing to change your template without losing all the customisations?..not that my opinion matters but I liked the previous one better..:)

  3. I have changed this one a bit now … let me know if it looks awful … will change it to something better.

    I am doing the changes in the html for the template.


  4. Haha…really cool. These CPs are very similar that we have at iima. Good to know that teh class discussion ‘proceeds’ on similar line at both the places!!

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