Migration to wordpress

I had been contemplating the move to wordpress for a long time now but had not taken the step for reasons akin to why a mobile phone user with a lot of contacts wouldn’t change his number that easily. But a decision apparently made by a government agency (or misunderstood by the ISPs in India) to ban all blogspot blogs has made me finally make the move.

All the posts in the earlier blog http://ramsabode.blogspot.com are available here at https://ramsabode.wordpress.com . In case you are in India and can’t access the blogspot blog directly, you can try http://pkblogs.com/ramsabode . In fact you can access other blogspot blogs too through http://pkblogs/blogname (where blogname is the name of the blog) or through any of the proxies available on the net.  

2 thoughts on “Migration to wordpress

  1. SO you have moved to wordpress.

    Thanks a lot for the information on the concerts happening in Bangalore. I am unable to get such information even through newspapers or internet. I could attend a few concerts in June and july because I came to know about them from your blog. So keep writing about the concerts happening.

  2. Sure Vishwa … please check the Bangalore Gayana Samaj concerts and music conference postings. They are in August and are really worth attending.

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