Change in co-ordinates

Moved over the weekend on a transfer to the city Ford probably hates the most – Chennai. The very first extended interaction I had was with the group of people who again probably are hated the most by Ford ….. yes … autowallas of Chennai ….. did maatha pachi for a long time to get a deal just right despite having the pre-paid guys give me a bill which the autowallas as usual did not respect at all. Will miss the awesome Bangalore weather and the sweet Bangalore sambar for a long time to come. Have already become a shade darker in the Chennai heat 😦

The move to Chennai means a chance to hear more concerts (work permitting). This also means that the “Concerts in Bangalore” page on this blog might not get updated very often due to lack of information ….. but more stuff will appear in the “Concerts in Chennai” page soon. 

16 thoughts on “Change in co-ordinates

  1. In fact it starts raining wherever I go usually …. had a drizzle yesterday reducing the temperatures somewhat.

    I would have some advantage knowing the local language but mujhe yahaan ke local routes achi tarah samajhne padenge taaki auto waale mujhe bewakoof naa bana saken. Waise public transport system in Chennai is supposed to be very good.

  2. Dude… in case you get lost… ask NBT for the route. The ‘LP’ he runs always gives you the shortest route from point A to point B.

    Talk to him for 5 mins… and you will get a bird’s eye view of Chennai.

  3. NBT can’t be relied upon … he makes a lot of spelling mistakes while speaking 😉 .. the other day he told me he got a house in Triplicane near East Coast Road. Though I don’t know much about Chennai, I knew that Triplicane was not near East Cost Road. I told him that and then he accepted he had told Triplicane in place of Tiruvanmiyur. For him, all words that start with one particular alphabet are the same.

  4. ye kya….u now in chennai…itnee jaldi transfers??….did u ask for one kya and u moved before even i cud park myself in b’lore…so u r finally in madras where u always wanted to be..

  5. Raam – Its times like these that seperate the men from the boys and also from people like Ferrari … Anyways , My sympathies… But dont worry , what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger … Think of Nelson Mandela who had to live in a dingy lil cell for 23 years … This is only a lil worse , but youll survive…
    Who am I kidding … I cant take this any more … You were such a nice guy … Why God ?? Why him ???

  6. Ford: Deep down in your heart… you liked Chennai… accept it 😉

    How can you forget that eventful week… How can you???????

  7. Karthik you chennai loving psycho freak … Stop goofing around … We gotta think of some way to get Raam out of there … I have some contacts in Dubai , If you get him to the beach , may be he can swim a couple of miles and get aboard a tanker or something .. Raam I hope you are a good camel rider … the money is good and I hear you get to keep the camel …Its a risky idea .. You might drown , or be eaten by sharks , or be molested on the ship … or by the camel … but I say its worth it ….
    What do you think ???

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