Sanjay & TMK Mania

Sanjay (Subrahmanyan) & TMK (T.M.Krishna) mania continues for me unabated. The first half of September was spent immersed in TMK’s music. The latter half of the month saw Sanjay performing a string of concerts while TMK toured outside Chennai and I just went from one concert to another, merrily lapping up the high(est) quality music that was on offer. For me, listening to Sanjay and TMK perform live is like watching Federer and Nadal or Tendulkar and Dravid in top form. Each of them have their own strengths and it’s almost always a pleasure hearing them perform.

Now, here comes the problem that often surfaces during season time: Sanjay and TMK are scheduled to perform in different places this Monday at the same time 😦 . Where to go?

16 thoughts on “Sanjay & TMK Mania

  1. Why not decide on the basis of accompanists? Who’s playing with TMK? Anyway Raga Sudha Hall would be better in terms of acoustics and it is air-conditioned as well – haven’t been to the venue Sanjay is performing at (RK Student’s Home). And while on the subject, could you at least start putting out songlists again?

  2. Personally, Sanjay seems to have a much much greater repertoire than TMK and yes, Sanjay is ever evolving and doesn’t get stagnated.

  3. Looks like a good team – never heard TMK with Ganapathy Raman before. Actually I haven’t heard Sanjay with Eashwaran either but I just heard Sanjay on Friday and Eashwaran on Saturday! So I think it will be TMK today. Hopefully I can finish my work on time…have you made up your mind yet?

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