Chennai (December) Music Season 2010 – 2011

Must be wondering why a post on this when August has just about started. Just to inform that I have started compiling this year’s Chennai (December) Music Season schedule (2010 – 2011) from different sources  in the Concerts in Chennai page of this blog ( Will keep updating as and when I keep getting more artist/ sabha schedules.

6 thoughts on “Chennai (December) Music Season 2010 – 2011

  1. hi nice of you to do so

    can you tell me the concerts of the young artists(kids and teenagers)
    i would like to yake my children for the concerts this year

  2. Hi,

    Very nice and early efforts. Thanks for the same. It will enable for people like me who are abroad to plan perfect for the December 2011 season.

    Thanks again.

    Rama (Dubai)

  3. Dear Ram,
    This is a fantastic service. I was able to make a tentative itinerary much before other websites published the schedules. You’re a blessing for people like me who are coming from a distance for the season.

    Kiran from Qatar

  4. thanks a lot for the music schedules. senior citizen like me can choose and plan our visits to various sabhas. this is a grt help. god bless you!!!!

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